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Build Your Real Estate Game Plan

Winning in Real Estate starts with a solid strategy for success.

What is a Strategy Session?

You're not alone. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, having a strategy to plan your next real estate endeavor is key to success.

At SEG, we put our client's first and thats why we don't offer listing appointments or buyer consultations. Every agent on our team starts a strategy session to understand your unique situation, rather than selling you the features and benefits of hiring an agent. The reality is that it may not be the right time to buy or sell your home. This strategy session is not about the process involved but rather about what it takes to be successful in real estate.

We want to help you build your long term real estate strategy and that starts with understanding your needs first and how to maximize value. To do that, you need to build a solid real estate strategy. This includes:

  • Exclusive Market Insights: Get the latest market trends for smart buying and selling decisions..

  • Free home valuation: Sellers get a free estimate of their home's worth.

  • Personalized Financing Solutions: Buyers can learn about mortgage options with expert advice + preferred vendor rates

  • Home Styling Tips: Sellers get tips for boosting home appeal to attract more offers.

  • VIP Listings: Buyers get early access to new or upcoming homes on the market.

Get in touch today. We’re happy to discuss your unique housing situation and answer your questions—from the simplest inquiry to the most complex.

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Hi, I'm Stacy Esser. We are on a mission to help buyers and sellers WIN in Real Estate. That's why we believe that your real estate journey should start with a game plan for success.

Rather than buyer consultations or listing appointments with our potential or existing clients, we feel like what they need is a one-on-one meeting to discuss and listen to their plans, goals, and identify challenges and opportunities. It doesn't always make sense to list your home or to buy a home. So it's not about the process or buying or selling a home. It's about the strategy you need to put in place in order to be successful in real estate. We believe that a tangible plan and strategy is what it takes to win in Real Estate. And that's exactly what we provide.

As apart of your strategy session we'll discuss your goals and timeline and share our market insights and predictions that will play a role in achieving your goals. Then, we put together a specific strategy and plan for you to be successful.

We look forward to getting to know you!

Real estate isn’t about the singular transaction. It’s about helping your family build generational wealth.

Let's build your game plan for the future.

The Value-up Method by the Stacy Esser Group

If you are considering selling in Northern NJ, learn how to get Top Dollar on your home.

3 Cold Hard Truths for Sellers

  • First impressions matter. A recent study found that 80 percent of potential buyers know if a home is right for them as soon as they step inside.

  • The longer your home is on the market the lower the sales price. That’s because if your home is on the market for a while, buyers and other agents assume your home is not priced correctly.

  • The longer the buyer delays an offer the lower the offer price. That’s natural because they are unsure if they want to make the offer and/or are hedging their bets between your property and another.

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